free trade agreement NAFTA ActThere are certain situations when a Buy American waiver or Buy American Act exceptions can come into play. For example, the US and Canada have an agreement in place when the total cost of projects funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) exceeds $7.358 million.

Iron, steel and manufactured goods from Canada are waived from Section 1605 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. For federal procurement and government contracts, construction materials fall squarely into compliance and regulatory guidelines.

The Buy American and Hire American Executive Order – Impact to Companies

President Donald Trump’s Buy American and Hire American executive order creates an urgency for companies to make sure that they are complying with this heightened requirement especially with construction materials. The penalties will be stiff and there has now become a rush to develop internal policies and controls to avoid fines and penalties.
Government contractors can face increased chances of suspension and debarment for on-compliance.increases enforcement of current laws relating to domestic preferences for government procurement.
Every federal government contracting agency is now tasked with increased oversight and enforcing Buy American Laws. This means that getting waivers will more than likely be reduced.
Supplier, subcontractors and prime contractors performing federal government contracts will be severely impacted. Increasing corporate oversight and developing the right compliance and ethics programs can be the first hurdle in minimizing criminal and civil penalties. Our procurement attorneys and consultants can help.
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Buy American waiver applications can be also be submitted for certain foreign made products, regardless of the product, procuring entity or source of funding.  See also 41  USC 1907. Exceptions to the Buy American Act certification rules could occur if federal agency heads decide that the use of a domestic product is:

  • Inconsistent with the public interest.
  • Insufficient or reasonably unavailable quantities of the domestic product or its quality are unsatisfactory.
  • Likely to increase the overall total cost of the project by 25%.

41 USC 1907  Buy American Act Exceptions, Buy America Waiver Request and FAR 25.202 Construction Materials Exceptions

Image result for exceptionsBusinesses can avail themselves to Buy American Act exceptions in certain situations. Construction materials that are 100% manufactured in the United States, and with greater than 50%  content made in the U.S. can be waived in contracts less than $10,079,365 unless:

  • the cost would be unreasonable unless the agency head determines otherwise. (When evaluating offers contracting officers will add 6% to the cost of foreign materials contained in the offer.); or
  • there are not sufficient reasonably available commercial quantities of a satisfactory quality; or
  • the agency head determines that it would be impracticable; or
  • the agency head determines it would be inconsistent with the public interest.

Government contract primes can submit a Buy American waiver request provided that it meets the specific criteria such as commercial off the shelf (COTS Contracts) items in accordance with 41 USC 1907.

FAR 25.202 Buy American Act Exceptions.

FAR acquisition regulationsThe FAR Website shows the following language regarding Buy American Act exceptions.

(a) When one of the following exceptions applies, the contracting officer may allow the contractor to acquire foreign construction materials without regard to the Buy American Act restrictions in the statute:

(1) Impracticable or inconsistent with public interest. The head of the agency may determine that application of the Buy American Act restrictions to a particular construction material would be impracticable or would be inconsistent with the public interest. The public interest exception applies when an agency has an agreement with a foreign government that provides a blanket exception to the Buy American statute.

(2) Nonavailability. The head of the contracting activity may determine that a particular construction material is not mined, produced, or manufactured in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities of a satisfactory quality. The determinations of nonavailability of the articles listed at 25.104(a) and the procedures at 25.103(b)(1) also apply if any of those articles are acquired as construction materials.

(3) Unreasonable cost. The contracting officer concludes that the cost of domestic construction material is unreasonable in accordance with 25.204.

(4) Information technology that is a commercial item. The restriction on purchasing foreign construction material does not apply to the acquisition of information technology that is a commercial item, when using Fiscal Year 2004 or subsequent fiscal year funds (Section 535(a) of Division F, Title V, Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2004, and similar sections in subsequent appropriations acts).

(b) Determination and findings. When a determination is made for any of the reasons stated in this section that certain foreign construction materials may be used, the contracting officer must list the excepted materials in the contract. The agency must make the findings justifying the exception available for public inspection.

(c) Acquisitions under trade agreements. For construction contracts with an estimated acquisition value of $7,358,000 or more, see subpart 25.4.

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